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Essence of the Yoga Model

One Yoga Unites is based upon an understanding of the human as an integral part of the cosmos—our quintessential nature of Being, Consciousness and Bliss. Consciousness manifests through sound emerging from silence. The practices of One Yoga Unites emphasize the importance of returning to this silence.

A comprehensive understanding of traditional and modern Hatha Yoga is taught which facilitates the unity of solar (masculine) and lunar (feminine) energy within each individual. Hatha Yoga is a science which harmonizes both the physical and the nonphysical bodies. It does this by means of specific methodologies:

postures (called asanas)
breathing (pranayama)
gestures (mudra)
muscular locks (bandha)
concentration (dharna)
meditation (dhyana)

In addition to promoting vibrant well being, these practices may release our ability to utilize higher frequencies which are in tune with cosmic order – the source of peace and bliss.

The intricate and subtle details of human structure have been described in the authoritative texts of ancient India. They expound a model of the human based on three bodies. The first body is physical including bones, nerves and fluids. The other two bodies are nonmaterial. The second one is called the subtle body which is the seat of our feelings. It contains a network of invisible channels which vibrate at an extremely high frequency. This network of channels, called nadis, contains seven major and two minor spinning wheels of energy called chakras. The first four chakras are dominated by: earth, water, fire and air. All of these elements may dissolve in the element of the fifth chakra which is called akasha (etheric space) leading to deep meditation. This akasha is produced by subtle sound, particularly mantra—incorporated in all Alisa’s Hatha Yoga classes.

The third body vibrates at an even faster rate and pervades the other two. It is the source of our thoughts. The quality of our thinking mind may be improved through the study and teachings of yogic philosophy and the limitations of the mind itself eventually transcended by meditation. Both practices are components of One Yoga Unites.

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