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Fall Equinox, Thursday-Monday, 12:00pm at
Taught by Alisa Rose

The ancient system of yoga teaches that a human is composed of five vibratory levels. These five levels are called Koshas, translated as sheaths: Physical sheath (Annamaya kosha), energetic sheath (Pranamaya kosha), mind sheath (Manomaya kosha), wisdom sheath (Vijnanmaya kosha), and sheath of bliss (Anandamaya Kosha).

The ancient teachings emphasize that the main source of stress and disease is the conflict between the mind and wisdom koshas. This, in turn, brings imbalance at the pranic level which can eventually reach the physical body. Another major source of stress is that which begins in the external environment. Yoga practices are helpful in alleviating stress both of internal and external origin.

One Yoga Unites incorporates traditional and modern yoga methodologies to align each of the Koshas. These methods include postures (asanas), breathing exercises (pranayamas), cleansing techniques (kriyas), chanting (mantra), scriptural wisdom (jnana), and meditation (dhyana). For several hours a day a speech fast will be observed. This is of paramount importance for the observation of thoughts and feelings, and ultimately leading to internal silence from which one can be guided from within.

This five day purification includes a specialized fasting protocol which promotes detoxification through abstinence and enhanced elimination. Teas and appropriate powders and tonics are given to aid in the process, as well as vitamin C. The result of the purification is a sense of lightness and clarity of mind. The first four Koshas communicate more directly with the Kosha of effulgent bliss.

Alisa Rose has participated in purification’s since 1995. She has led hatha yoga purification’s for clinic patients at the Vivekananada Ashram in India. For several years, she has also led purification’s for InnerTuning practitioners in Europe and America. She is currently the Founder of One Yoga Unites.

Date: Fall, Equinox
Arrival: Thursday 12:00pm
Departure: Monday 12:00pm
Location: SRI Center, PA.
REGISTRATION: oneyogaunites@gmail.com
Cost: $700



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