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“Shri Brahmananda Sarasvati was the founder and spiritual director of Ananda Ashram (Monroe, New York). He had an extensive professional background in both Eastern and Western medicine. A master of the Sanskrit language, he was a recognized authority on the science and philosophy of yoga-Vedanta. His written works include the classic Fundamentals of Yoga, The Textbook of Yoga Psychology, and Self Analysis and Self Knowledge….

He presented the timeless message of meditation and Self-Realization in a contemporary form. Shri Brahmananda Sarasvati left his body in 1993, yet his spiritual presence and teachings continue to be a source of inspiration and transformation for all.” (Ananda Ashram, Program Guide, 2004).

Alisa met Shri Brahmananda in an experience which transformed her life, propelling her to dedicate her self to the science and practice of yoga.


Alisa trained at SVYASA University whose website states as its objective:

“To provide for instruction and training in yoga and spiritual lore as propounded by Swami Vivekananda, the famous Indian … [guru] who heralded the grandeur of Sanatana Dharma (the laws of creation) in the West through his epoch making speech in the Parliament of Religions on September 11, 1893.”

During her stay there, Alisa was particularly influenced by:

Professor H. R. Nagendra, Vice-Chancellor of SVYASA, whose teachings were very inspiring particularly, those concerning the Bhagvad Gita and karma yoga.

Professor N.V.C. Swami, Dean of Academics, who clarified the relationship between ancient yogic teachings, particularly Patanjaliss Yoga Sutras, and modern science.

Dr. R. Nagarathna, M.D. Dean of the Division of Yoga and Life Sciences and head of the 160 bed residential yoga therapy health home at SVYASA. She transmitted a deep appreciation of the capacity of ancient yogic practices to cure some modern medical diseases.

Sri N. V. Raghuram, senior yoga instructor, whose counseling at a very difficult time enabled Alisa to complete her training.

Sri Shyamji Bhatnagar, Master of NADA (the yoga of sound), met his spiritual teacher at the age of twelve in his native India. After moving to the United States, he developed a unique psycho-spiritual theory of microchakras, which profoundly enriches the classical understanding of the chakras.

His method of InnerTuning® combines the Microchakras theory with his exceptional gift for producing sounds that enhance the flow of energy to the microchakras. This benefits both the psychological and spiritual aspects of our being.

For over four decades, professionals and students, both in Europe and America, have enriched their lives through his work.

Alisa has been privileged to study directly under the tutelage of Sri Shyamji from 1997-2008. Her knowledge of Chakras and work with sound is directly based upon his teaching of Nada Yoga.

Douglas Brooks is a scholar of Hinduism, south Asian languages, and the comparative study of religions. He lived in India with his teacher, Dr. Gopala Aiyar Sundaramoorthy, for many years studying and practicing Srividya, Auspicious Wisdom, and the modern traditions of goddess-centered Tantra. Currently Professor of Religion at the University of Rochester, he holds both Masters and his doctoral degrees from Harvard University. Alisa is currently a student of Srividyalya taught by Douglas Brooks.


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