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Philosophy and Methodology of Mantra as taught at One Yoga Unites:

According to the ancient Indian metaphysics of sound, Truths (richas) reverberate subtly and eternally throughout the cosmos. In the current epoch, before recorded history, they were first heard by unusually gifted seers called rishis. These truths were passed orally from generation to generation by means of strict methods of recitation designed to preserve their purity.

The Tantric and Vedic traditions express their awareness of sacred sounds through the ancient language Samskrta. It consists of 52 phonemes, 50 of which aid the functioning of subtle vortices of energy called chakras. There are seven major chakras distributed along the spinal column and located in the subtle body (sukshma sharira). Smooth rotation of the chakras is an essential step in maintaining harmony of the physical body with the subtle and causal bodies.

In the Tantric tradition, chakras are symbolized as lotus flowers with differing numbers of petals. These petals are able to receive sound energy from specific phonemes called matrikas. Matrikas are potent energizers of the petals which aid in the chakras’ rotation. Mantras are combinations of matrikas. To be effective, mantras must be given precise pronunciation and intonation as well as great devotion. They are invocations of latent potential energies. Mantra literally means “that which liberates the mind” from false identities. After this expansion, a contraction takes place which brings the three bodies into close alignment which avails potency and limitless possibilities.



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