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The word “guru” is composed of two syllables: “gu” (darkness) and “ru” (light devoid of form). A guru is one who removes darkness. In essence the guru tattva (principle) is anything which awakens more light in you. This could even be a painful or difficult experience which eventually brings you closer to your true nature—the light of all lights. It is the density of knowledge. It resides in everything, everyone and every experience where the energy of mastery is condensed. Guru holds the power to reveal.

Traditionally a spiritual aspirant finds a teacher who serves as a beacon towards self-realization. When a meeting with such a teacher occurs, there is an instant connection. The auspicious meeting brings trust, devotion and dedication towards the path of truth. Such a meeting cannot be forced and is presented when one is ready, like flowers that attract the honey bee when they are ready to give pollen.

The inner guru resides in the fifth chakra and awakens each time one hears the truth. The inner guru is nurtured by establishing oneself in silence for long periods of time. To invoke the inner guru, the following mantra is chanted:

Guru Brahmha
Guru Vishnu
Guru Devo Maheshvara
Guru Sakshat
Param Brahma
Tashmayi Sri
Guru Vay, Namaha


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